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Swix FC85L HVC 2.0 Warm, -2C/+10C, 50ml

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Racing performance

Our best top coat wax with superior glide properties.

  • Liquid racing wax
  • Temperature range -2°C to +10°C
  • For competitive athletes
  • Topping with superior gliding properties

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FC85L HVC 2.0 WARM, -2C/+10C, 50ML

Liquid topping wax for top racing with extraordinary gliding properties. Extremely easy to apply. Just distribute with the pump spray and polish gently with the included felt cork. No further brushing is required, so after application the skis are 100% race ready. Apply either the day before or just before the race. The performance stays the same. HVC 2.0 Warm works best in high humidity on the cold side, but on the warm side it performs great even in lower humidity’s. The best result is achieved when used on top of Cera F powder, but it can also be used in combination with an HFX- or LFX-glide wax with great results. One bottle is enough for approx. 12 pairs of skating skis, 15 pairs of classic skis or 6 pairs of alpine skis. Comes in an exclusive outer box.

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